New Old Beginnings


As many of you visiting probably know, I’ve spent the past several years collecting, scanning and posting many of my favorite photos of cars and other vehicles on Flickr. My huge thanks to the many folks who have enjoyed the pictures and comments, especially those who have offered encouragement or corrected my hopefully rare mistakes. I have spent far longer than I care to acknowledge researching, reading and collecting documentation of our automobile adventure. Over the years I have had the privilege of providing information and graphics to companies and individuals looking for that special piece of content they can’t find anywhere else. I expect to continue that work here at

Since I’m a car guy, not a webmaster, I will be working on the format and content for awhile as I feel my way along. I expect to try different looks at the start because what I want to do is offer the same range of images as I have on Flickr, but add material which I have created or is otherwise copyrighted. Obviously it will take some time.

Speaking of friends from my Flickr site, “HarborIndiana” (Andy) created the fabulous drawing of the car I used in the banner above. The art deco era towncar is dubbed the “Alden Jewell” and I only wish Andy and I could actually drive it down to Pebble Beach for the next concours.

Again, thanks for stopping by. I will be working diligently to populate this site with much old content and more new stuff in the months and years ahead. Drop me a line if you like – – just be extremely patient if you want a response. I’ll be head-down, fingers drumming on a key board during most waking hours for awhile.

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